Saturday, September 7, 2013


In 2010, a new digital literary magazine hit the web with the gale force of a typhoon. Shelf Unbound introduced readers to the wealth of quality books produced by small and indie presses, and provided a needed and deserved outlet for promoting these books. Three years later, Shelf Unbound has over 125,000 subscribers in 62 countries. Publisher’s Weekly called the visually dynamic magazine “richly designed,” and Shelf Unbound is a 2013 Maggie Award finalist for Best Digital-Only Magazine and a recipient of the Alliance of Independent Authors' Honoring Excellence Award.

After enjoying this level of success, the magazine’s founder and editor, Margaret Brown, decided it was time to take Shelf Unbound’s vision to a new audience: middle grade readers. Like Shelf Unbound, Middle Shelf will feature the best reads, whether from large publishing houses or small and indie presses, all directed to readers between the ages of 8 and 14. Each bi-monthly issue will include author interviews, reviews, excerpts, and cover artist spreads. And like Shelf Unbound, subscriptions are free.

At the helm of Middle Shelf is Laurisa White Reyes. As a published children’s book author, small press editor, and the mother of five children, Laurisa has her finger on the pulse of the children’s book industry and hopes to connect kids, parents, librarians and educators to wonderful books that don’t always get the attention they deserve.

The inaugural issue of Middle Shelf comes out this October. Features will include interviews with Margaret Petersen Haddix (author of Shadow Children and The Missing series), cover artist Gilbert Ford, and 12-year-old author MacKenzie Wagner. Top reads for the Halloween season will be included along with spotlights on non-fiction, graphic novel, poetry, and novelty titles.

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