Monday, February 9, 2015

The Secret Hum of Daisy - Reviewed by A Book and a Hug

With laser like precision Tracy Holczer dissects the feelings and the truths that hold Grace together.  She digs deeper and deeper, peeling off Grace's layers and bringing her to an entirely new version of herself and her family.  This is a brilliantly crafted journey.   Here Grace summons the courage to go on one final treasure hunt with her mother not really knowing what she is looking for but certain that the journey is important and intuitively getting that for her to move on and to come to terms with her life, she needs to take those steps forward and trust that somewhere out there are answers.

This book is perfect for any young reader who looks below the surface of things, who searches for meaning and especially for any child whose life is less than perfect. Jokester/Thrillseeking Party Animals will run in the other direction and that's fine. There is room for all.

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  1. Any book worth reading looks beyond the surface, so this is a strong endorsement. Your review made me order the book.