Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Time Travel Times Two Reviews TREASURE CHEST

When President Garfield was shot by a madman in 1881, the doctors called Alexander Graham Bell. They asked him if he could use his scientific knowledge to hurriedly build a metal detector so they could find the bullet lodged in Garfield’s body, so they would not have to do major exploratory surgery. Bell immediately set to work, and succeeded in making the device.
Unfortunately, when he tried it on Garfield, it didn’t work. It may have failed because there was a mattress made of metal underneath the cloth one, that might/may have created too much interference for the machine. Sadly, many of Bell’s scientific contemporaries  heard of his failure and laughed at him. I learned of this event by reading the endnotes of the time travel story, Master of Sound.

Read the complete review at TIME TRAVEL TIMES TWO.

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