Friday, May 22, 2015

Mother Daughter Book Reviews Recommends THE UNDERGROUND PRINCESS

When we last left the inhabitants of the charming underground kingdom, Balderdash, Princess Scarlet had found her true love in the loyal pirate knight Roland, the evil Maleer was defeated, King Hurlock was happily ruling his kingdom alongside the mystical shaman, and Prince Kaylan was welcomed into Balderdash as King Hurlock’s adopted son.  Fast forward three years and we see that Balderdash is burgeoning with “life”.  But despite the prosperity, peace, and happiness spread throughout the kingdom, Kaylan feels like an outsider.
One day, as Kaylan and Scarlet’s pet owl Screech are exploring the caverns surrounding the kingdom, they run across two thugs towering threateningly over a frightened young woman, all human and much too close to Balderdash for comfort. Contemplating rescuing the girl, Kaylan must make an important decision which may place the entire kingdom in danger.  But an even greater danger presents itself when Kaylan goes above ground and encounters a familiar face intent on conquering the underworld.


The Underground Princess by J.W. Zulauf

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