Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Dan Gemeinhart's THE HONEST TRUTH on A Book and a Hug

Stock tip:  Whatever your favorite tissue brand is, buy their stock now:)  THE HONEST TRUTH is a profoundly moving and penetrating journey up a mountain and deep into your heart's secret places.

"The mountain was calling me.  I had to run away. I had to."  Mark has thought it through and figured out exactly how he is going to make his getaway.  He has a great family, a dog who is willing to follow him into the darkest places, and a best friend, a girl named Jess, who has shared all the good moments and who understands when for Mark, "all the world is dark." 

They were meant for each other because  Jess is dealing with the empty space inside herself and Mark has been there for her too.  With all of that going for him he is still making a huge choice and deciding to grab on to one major moment in his life and do it his way.

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The Honest Truth

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