Thursday, October 29, 2015


I opened Middle Grade Mania's book blog directory in 2012, three years ago. During that time I have had lots of grandiose ideas of what I wanted this blog to become and to offer its readers. But the reality is that I just don't have time to do any of that.

I will not be offering blog tours. I will not be posting regularly with links to other blogs. I will not be comparing book covers. Middle Grade Mania will remain, simply, a directory of book blogs about middle grade books. 

My life is just too filled with other things right now--writing and editing my books, editing Middle Shelf Magazine, homeschooling my kids, volunteering at my church. Soon, hopefully, I will also be teaching at my local city college. There just isn't much time left over for blogging.

But the directory will remain, and I will keep it updated every few months. If you are a new blog or know of a blog that isn't included, feel free to send me the link. It may take a while, but I will do my best to add it to the list.

Thanks so much.

-- Laurisa


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  2. Hi, Laurisa! I am blogging regularly again and participating in MMGM. Would you be willing to add BOOK DREAMING back to the active blog list?