Friday, July 28, 2017

THE GOLDEN COMPASS: Reviewed by The Books Monsters

The Golden Compass was my gateway book into fantasy. I remember stalking bookstores and looking for the sequels to come out (a time before Amazon and Goodreads). Set in an alternate London, Lyra is an orphan and warded with one of Oxford’s colleges. Her uncle is the esteemed and frightening Lord Asriel – who has discovered “Dust” – a particle that he suspects will lead to the discovery of an alternate universe. She ends up in the care of Mrs. Coulter, who seems like a mother but in a cold way. When Lyra finds out that her best friend Roger has disappeared, she runs away to look for him. She finds the alethiometer – which takes her a while to decode, but helps her on her journey. She finds that more kids have disappeared and she knows if she finds the reason, she will find her friend.


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