Wednesday, August 30, 2017

SHADOW MAGIC reviewed by Beautiful Book Club

by Joshua Kahn
Reviewed by Beautiful Book Club

Shadow Magic is a humorous and creepy start to this epic series, Shadow Magic, that will make you laugh out loud and then your heart thump right after. It is a fantasy and horror type book that will keep you thinking about what’s about to happen next. A totally epic book if ask me!

The reading level isn’t to high for most middle grade readers but there is a lot of intense, violent, and gory content (mostly violent and some goriness ) so of course I loved it but I think the age to read it would be 11 and up. And on top of all the other stuff Gehenna is a dark place where they are known for creating ghosts and such, as well as pulling people up from the dead as zombies. So as you could assume there is a lot of talk about deaths and such. So in that case, if you are into creepy horror books you should start reading this novel right now!


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