Wednesday, August 2, 2017

THE MERLIN CONSIPIRACY reviewed by A Library Mama

by Diane Wynn Jones
Reviewed on A Library Mama

Nick, a secondary character from Deep Secret, lives in our London, wishing he could find a way to travel to the other worlds he knows are out there. He is at a convention with his dad, who hopes to meet one of his favorite authors.  (Diversity note: Nick’s dad is adoptive, and Nick himself, while from another world and raised in England, looks South Asian.) One step later and Nick finds himself in another world, boarding a strange flying machine as part of the magical security team for that very different England’s prince.  It takes him a while to realize that he’s really there, long enough to create some serious trouble, like running afoul of the powerful priests of a third world and  befriending a world-wandering elephant name Mini.


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