Wednesday, September 6, 2017

BIG AND LITTLE QUESTIONS: Reviewed by Becky's Book Reviews

First sentence: Lots of things have changed since my last first week of school.

Premise/plot: Wren Jo Byrd is the heroine of Julie Bowe's newest book, Big & Little Questions. She has had a whole summer to get used to the idea of her parents getting a divorce, but, she hasn't really accepted it and is not willing to talk about it. She's spent most of the summer out of town, and, she hasn't spoken to--or texted--her best, best friend, Amber. Wren wants to reconnect with Amber now that school has started, but, Amber isn't making it easy for her. Why didn't Wren call? text? send a postcard? write a letter? Why didn't she come to her birthday party? Why didn't she let her know she wasn't going to be in town? Why the silent treatment? Wren has questions of her own. BIG and LITTLE questions as you might have gathered. Why did Amber replace her so quickly with the new girl? Why is Amber's new best friend, Marianna, so mean? Why does Marianna tell lies and bully people? Why can't things be the way they used to be?


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